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Karmaveer Late Shri. Keshavlalji Harakchandji Abad (Poojya Kakaji)

Pujya Kakaji

"Sangharsharathi" Karmaveer Late Shri. Keshavlalji Harakchandji Abad alias Poojya Kakaji is one of all those great men whose life reminds us to make our lives sublime and departing by leaving behind footprints on the sands of time. The land of Chandwad, which was once nothing but dense forest bounded by hills with eventual beauty of nature, is now a complete transformed place however the scenic good looks remains intact. In this pristine place blessed by Gods, Poojya Kakaji laid the foundation of Jain Gurukul.

Poojya Kakaji was born on 28th August 1893 in a humble family. His father Shri. Harakchandji and mother Sau. Nandubai Abad had moved to Chandwad from Panhala. From the beginning Poojya Kakaji was very fond of reading books. He took his inspiration from great people like Rana Sanga, Veer Gogaji Rana Pratap Singh, Prithviraj Chavan to name a few.

The Jain society was, at that time, utterly bounded by religious beliefs and had fallen into deep division rather than being united. Poojya Kakaji was also troubled to see the politics of that time. This situation indeed played a vital role in laying the foundation of social reforms. He saw the need for uplifting the Jain community and established a Jain Gurukul where caste, creed and religion of a person were of no importance. He wanted to unite the Jain community under one banner to see the seeds of education being inculcated. He indeed all the time dreamt in establishing a "Jain Vishwavidyalaya".

With all this in mind and with the blessings of Lord Chandraprabhuji, Poojya Kakaji laid the foundation of Jain Gurukul with mere four students. Jain Sadhuji Poojya Shri. Sumtivijayji & Poojya Shri. Manasachandraji too lived in Ashram & gave lessons to students. This "pathshala" was named as "Shri Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram". Great work requires great sacrifices financial and social hardships. He faced the insults of people who did not believe in his reforms. But at last his trust and self confidence won and "opponents" became "helpers". People started believing in Gurukul system of education which leads to overall development of a student with a fine blend of culture. By introducing "Gurukul" system, Poojya Kakaji preserved the culture of the community. Indeed a small dream had been transformed into a great institution.

On 22nd March 1976, the light of the man who strived constantly to reform the society had extinguished with only his memories to cherish remained. Indeed Constant efforts of Poojya Kakakji over many years have led today in educating thousands of students every year. Today, this name resides in our hearts with utmost gratitude and respect.

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