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Board of Students' Development

The Board of Students’Development(BSD)looks after the protection of rights and supervises the Developmentactivities of the students of post-graduate departments of the university and each conducted college or institution of the university and each affiliated college.BSD promotes and co-ordinates the different students’activities for better corporate life.BSD tries to nurture students' mental, physical,cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality development and to make them civilized Indian citizens to compete in the globalized world.

Sr. NoName of the FacultyDesignation
1 Dr. Suresh Shravan Patil Student Development Officer
2 Smt. Vijaya Rambhau Jadhav Member
3 Mr. Ahetesham Alim Vakil Member
4 Mr. Ramesh Jankiram Ingole Member
5 Mr. Parashram Ratan Sohani Member


Since Education is both training of minds and training of souls, it should give both Knowledge and Wisdom


Economically poor students can get benefit of Earn and Learn Scheme.The students participating in the scheme prove helpful in routine office work.They maintain the campus neat and clean.They are paid Rs.45/-per hour. The main advantage of the scheme is that students belonging to lower strata are drawn into the process of higher education. University directs to prefer SC/ ST and economically backward students in the Earn and Learn scheme.

Number of Beneficiaries

Sr. No.YearNo. of StudentsAmount Spent in Rupees
1 2013-14 36 33500/-
2 2014-15 102 99300/-
3 2015-16 142 124650/-
4 2016-17 107 81375/-
5 2017-18 113 314956/-


The process of evaluation in (10+2) pattern is lenient.Naturally their proficiency level in English is low.The Special Guidance Scheme helps students get through annual examination.The extra lectures are conducted before/ after college hours.The scheme is implemented subjects Economics, Accountancy,English and Mathematics at F.Y.B.A,F.Y.B.com level. Economics is compulsory subjects in commerce faculty up to post graduate level.Through the scheme basics of Economics and the topics in which difficulty level is slightly higher are revised. In most of the higher secondary schools / junior college mathematics is not taught to the students of commerce.But at University level(F.Y.B.com) Mathematics is a compulsory subject.Extra-lecture give students an opportunity to clarify doubts and fulfill the need of conceptual understanding and practice.


  • The scheme is implemented for F.Y.B.A./ B.Com students in the subjects Economics, English,Accountancy and Mathematics.
  • Extra lectures are conducted by respective faculty after/ before College hours, so that regular schedule is not disturbed.
  • The lecturers are paid Rs. 200/- per hour.

Number of Beneficiaries

Sr. No.YearNo. Of StudentsGrant (Rs.)
1 2013-14 196 6000
2 2014-15 128 6000
3 2015-16 73 9000
4 2016-17 50 9000
5 2017-18 123 9000


The scheme has made a positive impact on overall performance of the students.


Respecting the rights of women and ensuring gender equality is a need of our times .With the view to empowering women the Personality Development Scheme for girls –students is implemented. The thrust of scheme is to create awareness of women’s rights,their responsibilities and to guide them to achieve overall development.

Activities organized under the scheme:

  • Lectures of experts on womens issues.
  • Lectures on Personality Development.
  • Lectures on Improving Language Skills
  • Karate Training Camp.

Number of Beneficiaries

Sr.No.YearNo.Of StudentsGrant (Rs.)
1 2013-14 131 10000
2 2014-15 183 10000
3 2015-16 166 10000
4 2016-17 103 10000
5 2017-18 108 10000

Number of Beneficiaries

Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan is aimed at empowering girl-students by means of training in self-employment,Self-defence techniques and organizing social activities that boost their Self-confidence.The Abhiyan is significant in the sense that the girls enrolment in the college is above 50%.Their sensitization in the current issues in one of the primary needs.The college organizes lecture series,training in karate and self-defence and counseling from experts in law under the Abhiyan. Health Awareness Programmes are also conducted in the college.The funds of RS.15000/- are provided by the university.

Sr.No.YearNo.Of StudentsGrant (Rs.)
1 2013-14 142 15000
2 2016-17 191 15000
3 2017-18 129 15000

Activities under Disaster Management Workshop

Sr.NoExpert NameSubject
1 Prof.Madhukar Divekar Types of Snakes
2 Prof.Madhukar Divekar Demo on Conservation of Snakes
3 Dr.Satish Thakare Awareness of Natural Disaster
4 Prof.T.B. Khairnar Fire Disaster and its Management
5 Prof.Yogendra Patil Earthquake and Tsunami and its remedies
6 Smt.Vandana Kulkarni Fire and Flood Management
7 Shri.Atharv Patil Emergency first aid
8 Shri.Shrikrishna Deshpande After the stress of disaster management
9 Shri.Shrikrishna Deshpande Lighting and thunderstorms
10 Smt.Monali Deshpande After the stress of disaster management

Sr. No.YearNo. of StudentsGrant (Rs.)
1 2014-15 100 25000
2 2016-17 234 25000
3 2017-18 172 25000

District Level Youth Festival

Youth Festival intends to conserve cultural heritage of Maharashtra.It also gives an opportunity to budding artists to display their talents.It covers various forms of arts such as music, dance,folklore, folk drama,photography, painting sculpture,handicrafts, college and elocution.The University selects its team for Youth Festival through inter college Indradhanush festival.The college hosted Indradhanush in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Number of Beneficiaries

Sr. No.YearNo. of StudentsGrant (Rs.)Actual Expenditure (Rs.)
1 2015-16 538 145000 152335
2 2016-17 665 150000 177365

Number of Participation in Various Categories

1 Music 113 150
2 Dance 190 352
3 Literary Events 67 47
4 Theatre 104 55
5 Fine Arts 64 61
  Total 538 665

Workshop on Anti Sexual Harassment Act

Workshop on Anti Sexual Harassment Act was organized on 27th February 2017.The workshop was inaugurated at the hands of Honorable S.S. Dhapate and Shrimati S.P. Kulkarni.S.S. Dhapate talked about legal provisions on prohibition of dowry.Shrimati S.P. Kulkarni gave a speech on Legal Rights of Women. Advocate Pravin Kotwal explained basic provisions under Anti Sexual Harassment Act, 2013. Adv. D.R. Gangurde discussed the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994. Shri. S.M. Sonawane expressed his ideas on domestic violence.

Road Safety Campaign

The College organized the Poster Competition and Essay Writing Competition on Road Safety Campaign.Dr. Rahul Khade (DYSP, Manmad Region) delivered a lecture on Road Safety and Social Responsibility.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Students cleaning the College Campus under Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

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