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Sr.No. Title of the Paper Name of the Authors Department of the Teacher Name of Journal, Vol. (No.), Pages Year of Publication ISBN/ISSN Number
1 Ethnomedicinal Survey of Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment to Cure Diarrhoea and Dysentery in Peth Region of Nashik District Dr. M. T. Patil Botany International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews 2019 e ISSN 2348 - 1269, Print ISSN 2349-5138
2 Synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited lead telluride films on copper and stainless steel substrate Mr. A. B. Gite Physics Materials Research Express 2019 20531591
3 A Study of factor affecting innovative marketing strategy in india P. R. Sohani Commerce Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
4 Role of Yoga in overall health of Sprotsperson D. N. Shimpi, N. Jahav, S. Arote Physical Education Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
5 Rajmata Vijyaraj Shinde S. K. Pagar History Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
6 Bhartachya Mahila Prrastiya Mantri-Sushma Swraj Dipak Kedare History Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
7 The Queen Of Tamil Nadu Keda Badane History Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
8 Synthesis And Characterization of Zno Film By Physical Vapor Deposition Method A. B. Gite, B. M. Palve, G. E. Patil, G. H. Jain Physics JASC: Journal of Applied Science and Computations 2019 ISSN NO: 1076-5131
9 Participation of Indian women in Formation of Economic Sector D. A. Dagade Commerce Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
10 The Perception of Investors About Factors Affecting in Stock Market With Special Reference to Nashik District N. P. Jain Commerce Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
11 Study of Impact of Buyback on Earning Per Share of the Company N. P. Jain Commerce Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
12 Bhartatil Rajkiy Kshetrat Mahilancha Sahbhag R. J. Ingole Economics Research Journey 2019 2348-7143
13 A Geographical Analysis of tribal population in Nashik district, Maharashtra C. K. Kudnar Geography Ajanta 2019 22775730
14 La doped BaTiO3 nanostructures for room temperature sensing of NO2/NH3: Focus on La concentration and sensing mechanism G. H. Jain Physics Vacuum, 166: 37-44 2019 0042207X
15 Endemic flowering plants of Rajderwadi basaltic rock outcrop, Chandwad, District Nashik (MH), India S. D. Wagh Botany RJLBPCS 2019 2019 24546348
16 ICT in Arts, Commerce and Science Education and ICT tools Deepak R. Patil Electronic Science Ajanta, 7(1), 76-80 2018 2277-5730
17 Diaspora in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake A. A Vakil, K. B. Ahire English Research Journey International E Research Journal, Feb-2018, 67-69 2018 2348-7143
18 Properties of CdS Thin Films Deposited by SILAR Method on Si(100) Substrate Deepak R. Patil Electronic Science Ajanta, 7(2), 168-174 2018 2277-5730
19 Pu. La. Ek Purushottam T. Y. Chandwadkar Marathi Saksham Samiksha 2018 2231 4377
20 Synthesis of CeVO4 nanoparticles using sol-gel auto combustion method and their antifungal activity Mr. Khanderao Pagar Chemistry Vol. 03, Issue 02, 189-196 2018
21 GST Structure, Audit, Advance Ruling & TDS Mechanism D.A.Dagade Commerce Research Journey 2017-18 2348-7143
22 Dr. Yashwant Manohar yancha samikshavichar T. Y. Chandwadkar Marathi Saksham Samiksha 2017 2231 4377
23 Geetkar Na. Dho. Mahanor T. Y. Chandwadkar Marathi Research Journey 2017 2348-7143
24 BaTiO3 nanostructures for H2S gas sensor: Influence of band-gap, size and shape on sensing mechanism Patil, R.P., More, P.V., Jain, G.H., Khanna, P.K., Gaikwad, V.B., Physics Vacuum, 146: 455-461 2017 0042-207X
25 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkaranche Audyogikaran va Shaharikaranvishayak Vichar R. J. Ingole Economics Research Journey 2016 2348-7143
26 H2S Gas Sensing Properties of Sr Modified BaTiO3 Thick Films by Dipping and Doping Process, S. B. Nahire, G. E. Patil, V. B. Gaikwad, G. H. Jain, Sushant B. Deshmukh Physics Sensor Letters, 14(12): 1203-1209 2016 1546-198X
27 Sports-related injuries and illness in Paralympics sports study D. N. Shimpi Physical Education Ajanta, V(II): 55-57 2016 2277-5730
28 Ra. Chi. Dhere: Vichar va Prerana T. Y. Chandwadkar Marathi Saksham Samiksha 2016 2231 4377
29 Cyclopentyl - pyrimidine based analogues as novel and potent IGF-1R inhibitor Dr. Aware Valmik S. Chemistry Vol. 92,  246-256 2015
30 Induction of Autotetraploidy in Centella asiatica (L.) Urban B.J.Apparao, S.C. Dalave and A.S. Jondhale Botany Advances in Plant Sciences 2015 0970-3586
31 Chemically designed Pt/PPy nano-composite for effective LPG gas sensor Gaikwad, N., Bhanoth, S., More, P.V., Jain, G.H., Khanna, P.K., Physics Nanoscale, 6 (5): 2746-2751 2014 2040-3364
32 Antimicrobial Study of Some Aromatic Halogen hydroxy Aldehydes and Ketones Dr. Arvind Patil Chemistry Vol. 04, Issue 02, 171-176 2013 0975-8585

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