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  • Best College Award – 2015-16 of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
  • NAAC Reacredited B++ Grade with CGPA 2.95 (3rd cycle 2020)
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National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)

What is NSS?

  • NSS is a noble experiment in academic expansion.
  • It encapsulates the spirit of voluntary work among the students and the teachers to sustain community interaction.
  • It brings academic institutions closer to the society.
  • It shows how to combine knowledge and action to achieve the desirable results leading to community development.

Objectives of NSS

  • To understand the community in which the volunteers work
  • To understand themselves in relation to the community in which they live
  • To identify the needs and problems of their community and involve themselves in the problem solving process
  • To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibilities
  • To utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems
  • To develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities
  • To gain skills in mobilizing the community participation
  • To acquire the leadership qualities and democratic attitude
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural
  • To practice national integration and social harmony

Motto of NSS is "NOT ME BUT YOU"

This reflects the essence of democratic living

  • Upholds the need for selfless service
  • Appreciation of the other person’s point of view
  • Also shows consideration for fellow human beings.

It underlines "The welfare of the individual is ultimately the welfare of society."

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1 Dr. Gotan Hiralal Jain Principal
2 Dr. Dattatray Nivrutti Shimpi Vice Principal
3 Dr. Suresh Shrawan Patil Vice Principal
4 Mr. Sanjay Pundlik Khairnar Vice Principal
5 Dr. Tushar Yatindra Chandwadkar NSS Programme Officer
6 Dr. Smt. Sarika Digambar Shinde NSS Programme Officer
7 Mr. Swapnil Dayaram Wagh NSS Programme Officer

Dr. Chandwadkar T.Y.

Date of Birth 20/05/1976
Qualification M.A., NET, Ph.D.
Experience 14 Years (In Teaching)
Head, Department of Marathi
Chief Programme Officer From 2017-18 to till date

Dr.Smt. Shinde S. D.

Date of Birth 01/06/1970
Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D.
Experience 05 Years (In Teaching)
Department of Physics
Programme Officer From 2017-18 to till date

Mr. Wagh S.D.

Date of Birth 18/05/1988
Qualification M.Sc., NET, SET.
Experience 05 Years (In Teaching)
Department of Botany
Programme Officer From 2017-18 to till date

Mr. Khairnar S.P.

Date of Birth 12/12/1984
Qualification M.Sc.(Chem), NET. 
Experience 08 Years (In Teaching)
Vice Principle of Science Department
Chief Programme Officer From 2012-13 to 2016-17 

Mr. Ingole R.J.

Date of Birth 06/09/1970
Qualification M.A., SET.
Experience 18 Years (In Teaching)
Department of Economics
Chief Programme Officer From 2015-16 to 2016-17


Dr. Kudnar C. K

Date of Birth 15/03/1983
Qualification M.A., NET., Ph.D.
Experience 11 Years (In Teaching)
Head, Department of Geography
  • Chief Programme Officer From 2008-09 to 2014-15
  • Successfully completed a training course in “Disaster Management”
  • NSS Best Programme Officer,Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune ,8 July 2015

Mr. P. R. Sohani

Date of Birth 20/05/1969
Qualification M.Com.
Experience 25 Years (In Teaching)
Head, Department of Commerce
  • Assistant Programme Officer From 1997-98 to 2005-06
  • Chief Programme Officer From 2006-07 to 2013-14
  • Area Coordinator NSS From 2008-09 to 2013-14
  • District Coordinator NSS (2014-15)
  • University of Pune Awarded Best NSS Programme Officer for the Nashik District (2009-10)

2013-14 22 11 12 14 120 71 154 96 250
2014-15 20 10 13 09 132 102 165 121 286
2015-16 23 07 25 17 110 68 158 92 250
2016-17 17 09 10 13 144 107 171 129 300
2017-18 20 13 10 03 85 119 115 135 250
2018-19 11 20 03 05 87 124 101 149 250

Academic Year 2018-19

District Level

  • (NRD/SRD) Student sent to Niphad for selection.
  • Aanand” Periodical publication
  • Organized ‘Martyr Day’
  • Celebrated ‘National Unity Day’
  • Celebrated ‘Democracy Fortnight’
  • Celebrated ‘Reading Ispiration Day’

Academic Year 2017-18

University Level

  • Sagar Parkhe and Anita Gangurde these two students have participated in workshop organized by Government of Maharashtra and Savitribai Phule Pune   to University   on (CCT) at Indapur on 17th to 23th August 2017.
  • Rahul Gangurde and Khushal Batav have participated in workshop on Psychological health, awareness, Prevention and Conservation organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Dept. of Student Welfare on 7th and 8th feb. 2018.
  • Priyanka Thombare was selected in NRD/SRD on 8th to 10th sept. 2017 at Solapur Division.

District Level

  • Participation of in 7 Day workshop on Clean and Healthy India organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University and Department of N.S.S., M.V.P’s Karmvir Ganpatdada More College, NiPhad (Nashik) on 20th to 27th Jan. 2018.

Academic Year 2016-17

College Level

  • Van-Mahotsav.
  • Swach Bharat Campaign.
  • Voters Registration Drive.
  • AIDS Awareness.
  • Blood Donation camp.
  • Road Safety campaign.
  • A workshop on Cashless Banking.

District Level

  • Five students participated in District. Level Pre-selection Avhan Camp.
  • Two Students were selected at district level for NRD/SRD parade Selections.
  • Shubham Thakare participated in university Level workshop camp selection test for “University Level Avhan Camp.”

University Level

  • Suyog Jadhav participated in University Level Pre- SRD/NRD Selection camp.


  • Dr.C.K.Kudnar was awarded and Certification of appreciation for Best N.S.S. officer by University of Pune.

Academic Year 2015-16

College Level

  • Blood Donation camp.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Essay Writing and Poster competition on Road Safety Campaign. Cleanliness Campaign in the College Campus.

District Level

  • Six N.S.S. Volunteers participated in workshop on Value Education at Arts, Commerce and Science College, Lasalgaon (Dist-Nashik)
  • Eight N.S.S. Volunteers participated in a workshop on Value Education at Arts, Commerce and Science College Deolali Camp. (Dist-Nashik)

University Level

  • Two N.S.S. Volunteers participated in a camp on Conservation of Historical Forts.
  • Sumedh Ahire participated in selection test for Avhan camp (I st and II nd Level) at Pune and Mumbai .
  • Sumedh Ahire participated in ‘Swach Bharat Swasth Bharat’ march at pandhrpur.
  • Two N.S.S. Volunteers participated in pre-selection camp and Tests for ‘Utkarsh Social and cultured Competitions.

Academic Year 2014-15

College Level

  • Celebration of N.S.S. Day by cleaning surrounding.
  • Blood Donation Camp & Program on Gandhi Anniversary were organized.
  • Essay Writing competition was Organized on International Youth Day.
  • Dr. Rajendra Malose’s Lecture on HIV Aids was organized. Poster competition on the same issue 500 plants was planted.

District Level

  • Five Students participated in 1 Day Workshop in Nandgaon College.
  • Fourth Students participated in N.S.S.  Workshop in Kadawa Arts, Commerce & Science College.
  • Five girl Students Participated in workshop on save Girl Child & Bringup Girl Child.
  • There Students participated in workshop at Niphad College.

University Level

  • Two students participate in pre-SRD pared at University of Pune.
  • Two Students participated in competition called ‘Utkarsh’ on 3/12/2014 at University of Pune.
  • Prof. Dr. C. K. Kudner participated in workshop on special camp arrangement.

State Level

  • Two students participated in State level workshop on Disaster Management.

National Level

  • Student Sumedh Ahire was selected for Mega Camp at Aasam.

Academic Year 2013-14

College Level

  • There Hundred Plants were planted on open space behind college building N.S.S. Day celebrated.
  • Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary.
  • Participation in Voter enrollment Program and Blood Donation Camp.

District Level

  • Participation in Competitive Examination Guidance Programe at Kalwan Participation of three Students at Youth Festival organized by K.K.Wagh College Pimpalgaon(B) Participation in Program on value education by volunteers.

Zonal Level

  • Ninety students participated in Tree Census project Training Workshop on 12 July 2013 organized by Dept. of N.S.S. University of Pune.
  • Six Students participated in pre-SRD selection parade in which student Janabai Shelke was selected for Pre-SRD pared at University level, at University of Pune.  Then Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.
  • Prof. S.P.Khairnar participated in Workshop regarding arrangement of special Camp.

State Level

  • Prof. P.R.Sohani participated in seminar at Yashvatrao Mohite College.

Adopted Village: Bhoyegaon, Tal: Chandwad. (09th December 2017 to 17th December 2017)

  • Blood Group Testing.
  • 3 Embankment / Irrigation.
  • 60 Absorbent Potholes
  • Cleaning Cemetery Survey of the Village.

Adopted Village: Chinchave (Ni.), Tal: Deola. (09th December 2017 to 17th December 2017)

  • The volunteers planted 50 trees.
  • A Ralley was organized on Cleanliness.
  • Voter Awareness Camp
  • Kirtan and Poetry Presentation Programmes were organized.
  • A lecture series was organized in which the guest lecturers interacted on Conservation of Water Resources, personality Development, Empowerment of Woman and Leadership Qualities.
  • Hemoglobin Check-up Camp and Blood Donation Camp were held in Chinchawe.

Adopted Village: Mangrul, Tal: Chandwad. (13th December 2016 to 19th December 2016)

  • Volunteers planted 50 trees.
  • They realized two check dams by removing mud and by means of pitching.
  • Swach Bharat Campaign was organized Rally and awareness activities were conducted.
  • Voter Awareness Rally was also organized.
  • Awareness Programme on Blood Donation was conducted.
  • A Lecture series on contemporary Social issues was organized.

Adopted Village: Ahirkhede, Tal: Chandwad. (15th December 2015 to 21st December 2015)

  • A Lecture series on social issues like superstitions and drug addiction was organized.
  • Volunteers built up sink tanks for proper management of drainage.
  • Volunteers removed mud and soil form two check dams in Ahirkhede.
  • Awareness programmers were conducted on maintaining cleanliness.

Adopted Village: Shirane, Tal: Chandwad. (23rd December 2014 to 29th December 2014)

  • In special camp cultural activities, Lectures and Shramdan were organized.
  • Removed congress parthenium form village street. Removed congress around the temple of Khanderao.
  • Pantation of 900 Plants on both side of road in village.
  • Free veterinary camp was organized where 470 cattle’s were vaccinated.
  • Free Medical camp was organized where 70 patients were treated.
  • Blood Donation camp was organized where 30 students donated blood.

Adopted Village: Rajderwadi, Tal: Chandwad. (27th December 2013 to 1st January 2014)

  • Repairing of road form Indrayani Vasti to Shinde Vasti.
  • Water Sewage work was completed.
  • Free Health cheek up camp was organized.
  • Free Veterinary check up camp organizes.
  • Various lectures were organized.
  • Three hundred Plants were planted on open opace behind college building and N.S.S. Day was celebrated.
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary was celebrated.
  • Voter enrollment program was organized.
  • Participation in Road Safety Awareness program & Blood Donation Program.
  • Participation in Competitive Examination Guidance program at kalwan, 
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